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Bib for Imagination

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Yes I know I have used the internet in an unethical law but that is mainly because i never thought of it. I haven’t ever illegally downloaded music or pirated movies but I have “save as” pictures I like. I have a stumbleupon and use it when I’m bored and if I see a picture I like I will just keep it. I never really thought of that being illegal though or stealing. I guess because it is so easy to do and everyone does it but no one talks about it. You hear about people getting in trouble for pirating movies or music but not just coping a picture. So on that note, no I do not think that the copyright laws work well for the internet. If ever day we did was on paper like it used to it would be fine but it’s not. We do too much on the computer and internet now. We should have a set of copyright laws that deal with that. I think they should change it to where all you have to do is make it clear where you got the information or picture. rather that is through a link or just naming out who wrote it and what the title and such is. I don’t understand why there has to be a particular format for it anyway. It is so much easier just to list it all out.

This is what I mean!


This is a a school system that teaches like what I have been talking about in my research and my video. They focus on education of problem solving and really teaching them not just teaching by the book. they are requiring their students to use their imagination and figure out how to do things on their own. i hope that in the future they will be all over the United States and not just in the 12 states that they are in right now. I was so excited about finding this school that i was talking about it to one of my friends and he told me to start one in North Carolina. Hey that is an idea for the future.


I was looking for something I could use on my video and ran across this, thought this was really neat so i decided to share it. I think its cool how he describes what he does. It reminds me a little of o a picture i saw on piniest one day. it was a picture of a toddler with a strainer on its head then it had a bottom picture of two triceratops. the top said what we see and on the bottom with the triceratops it says what what they see. This video reminded me of it because its like he said most people see a walkway and he has see something different in order to do the really cool things he does.

My video was designed for parents. I am hoping that it will express how important it is for parents to be involved in their child’s life and how important imagination is to a child’s growing up. I used imagination movers brainstorm song to tell what imagination is and why its important. I did this because everyone that does anything with younger kids know how the imagination moves are and so its something familiar. Plus the song talks about thinking about what something is or what to do. In the beginning they show each on of the movers having a “thinking face” and i put at the top of the video “what is imagination?” so it looks like that is what they are thinking about and then it goes through brainstorming about what it is. so i put what it was in the “thinking cloud” so it looks like they are thinking about what it is.

video for parents


This video is aimed at parent to encourage them and help them look forward. The video goes through and says how much children look up to their parents. It was aimed to help them get over things of the past and express that it’s never too late to join into a child’s life and be for them. It is said over and over again that it is for parents by talking about children looking up to them and how it talks. The approach them in a good way because it starts off in a nice way and gets their attention. I really like it because it shows I need to be somewhat serious when addressing parents.

help please

I have been working on my storyboard and I have 5 sections or main points I want to get through and across in my video.

1. an introduction

2. what it is

3. why its important

4. so what?

5. challenge to you

well I have ideas for what I want to do on the first three but I still need the last two. what do you think a good idea for so what and challenge to you would be? I want them to be serious because I am hoping to make the first part of the video funny and the last part serious. thanks for you help

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